Volume 1, Issue 2 -- April 3, 2000




    About Us 
    Weekly staff unplugged
  • Full Name: Grandmaster Sexay
  • Date of Birth: Unknown
  • Place of Birth: The red light district
  • Favorite Food: Chee-Tos 
  • Favorite Restaurant: El Chico
  • Favorite Movie: Saturday Night Fever
  • Favorite Actor: Jerry Lawler
  • Favorite Band: The Bee Gees, Michael Jackson

  • Personality: Always the life of the party, Grandmaster prides himself on his excessive dancing skills, and uses his spare time to painstakenly perfect every move.  He just recently mastered, "The Thriller." Sexay is the glue that holds the fragile relationship between E.Z. Mac and Shaggy Phat together. When he puts on his goggles, watch out -- he means business. 
  • Quotation: “If all those bamas don't give us our props, then not only will we beat them down and earn our respect, but they could be grinnin' up at the daisy roots when it's all said and done!”

    All  articles are intended for parody purposes only.  
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