Volume 1, Issue 3 -- April 20, 2000

Serious issues
A Correct to: "Whitt Weekly offers humorous look at MC’s problems"

We would like to extend a thank you to The Collegian for its story on our web site in their April 17, 2000 edition. However, we would also like to make a few comments about the article for the benefit of those who read The Whittington Weekly.

First of all, not all of our staff members live in Whittington Hall (although the majority do). We realize that this fact may disappoint some readers, but we chose The Whittington Weekly as the name of our web site partly because of the alliteration. If you're curious, we plan to keep the same name next year when none of the staff members will live in Whittington. If you’ve noticed, the site doesn’t get updated “weekly” as the name implies, rendering even more false information. These observations have led a certain professor in the English department to jokingly refer to us as “The Not-Whittington Not-Weekly.”

Also, we particularly enjoyed reading the different comments that students had concerning our site. We welcome both positive and negative criticism. It becomes obvious by reading our articles that we respect the rights of others to speak their beliefs. If we did not respect these rights, we would be working against the very thing that allows us to produce our site. 

But for the fun of it, let’s take a look at what people are saying: “I think these guys have serious issues. If they have enough spare time to create a web site bashing the school, then they should spend their time more wisely like playing a round of golf or getting a job,” stated one Matt Calvert, who is by the way, a Senior. Well, Matt, you’ve missed the point altogether. Let the record show that, while this is only our third issue, each article is predominantly written with parody. Being serious would defeat our purpose. As for Joe Fertitta, who feels that he would find the site funny, “...if I were in sixth grade,” we have some great news. A new edition of The Weekly will
now be published, written for those with a sixth grade reading level. Hey, we don’t want to discriminate against any age groups; everyone should be able to enjoy the site.

Finally, as a matter of fact, we do play golf.  “Truth be known,” many of our ideas come to us while we’re playing golf and other sports. Also, a couple of the staff members have jobs; however, our dream is that we could run this web site and actually get paid for it. Believe it or not, we are also proud, full time students and only have time for this site because we make time. Our G.P.A.’s do not suffer because of it. We believe that we can just manage our time well.

It is true that we try to touch on every major issue on campus. We do this because these issues will in some way affect us as students. Speaking from experience, humor is probably one of the only things that got us through our freshman year in college. That’s why we try to shed a humorous light on some of the more pressing and monotonous issues on campus--to help others enjoy life.

We would again like to thank The Collegian for the free press.  We had no idea that this article was to be written, so we received great encouragement when we found it in last Monday’s edition. 
-- The Whittington Weekly staff

The above article was intended for parody purposes only.
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