Volume 1, Issue 1 -- February 21, 2000

The return of McMillan
"Prodigal Prof." comes home

Students waiting inside Jennings Annex classroom 108 at 9:25 A.M. last Tuesday were just a little more cheery the usual. The reason? They sat in anticipation of the glorious return of their history teacher, Dr. Edward McMillan. This college's beloved patriarch has been missing in action for about two weeks after emergency heart surgery to install a pacemaker. 

The surprise surgery caused much concern among both administration and students alike, including those of us at the Whittington Weekly, who met with McMillan shortly after his surgery. In regards to his condition, he stated that he was feeling better, and that, “The only limitations I have on me are that I have to stay away from devices that have spark plugs. So, I can’t use any chainsaws, see?” McMillan recovered rapidly, has resumed his teaching duties, and looks forward to leading a trip to Europe over Spring Break.

Over his illustrious 50+ year career, Dr. Mac has: published many books, founded the Mississippi College/Louisiana College London semester, served as the Dean of LC for two years, and headed the LC History department for twelve years. After returning to MC in 1974, he became the chairman and a professor of the MC History department, as well as taking on the duties of Graduate Dean. Two years later, McMillan became the VP of Graduate & International Studies and Special Programs. In 1998, he retired from his position as VP and returned to his first love – the classroom. Edward McMillan is widely heralded as MC’s most popular History professor, and we here at the Whittington Weekly couldn’t agree more. 

But when asked about his most noteworthy role on campus, he humbly replies: “Well, two of my most important jobs are done by just sitting at my desk looking out from my window. I’ve got a great view from my corner office in Jennings, so I can see the piazza and the back of Provine Chapel. So, they want me to keep an eye on the Kugel to make sure no one runs off with it. And I watch the side wall of Provine to check for graffiti.” 

Now that the prodigal Prof. has returned, the door to office #200 inside Jennings remains open for all. Life here has gone back to normal, and students everywhere are smiling, with the knowledge that all is well. Their beloved teacher, and Kugel, are safe once again. 
–- Grandmaster Sexay

The above article was intended for parody purposes only.
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