Volume 1, Issue 1 -- February 21, 2000

The Weekly returns
Whittington-gate scandal subsides
Thursday, March 2, 2000

On Monday, February 21st The Whittington Weekly went live over the Internet, sparking much controversy. In a short time (under ten hours), the Weekly made a huge impact on campus with students heralding praises such as, "brilliant" and "genius" in support of the site. Shouts of, "Hey, come check THIS out!" echoed throughout residence halls, including Whittington. Our E-Mail box flooded with compliments and support. Little did we know what would happen next.

Unfortunately, due to the powers that be here at [the largest college in the Clinton area] the site had to be shut down indefinitely later that night. Members of our staff were somehow identified and interrogated. The site was even brought to the attention of our college's president (who really is much taller than a toddler). Certainly, the launch of WW went down as the most popular, short-lived event of last week.

By the weekend, the controversy known as Whittington-gate had subsided and things returned to normal. But students would not let the site's legacy die. Conversations continued. Those who had not even seen the first issue sulked in disappointment. Something had to be done.

Taking action, the staff of Whittington Weekly met in negotiations with college administration earlier this week, and finally a compromise was made. Elated, the staff skipped through the quad merrily followed by a celebration dinner at Wendy's.

So, barring any further unforeseen controversy, the Whittington Weekly has returned to the masses. For those who missed it, our first issue is still available. Look for issue two shortly after Spring Break 2k. Thanks to all of our readers for your support and encouraging E-Mails. Keep the feedback coming. Have a safe vacation, and we'll see you on the other side.
-- The Whittington Weekly staff

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