Volume 1, Issue 6 -- December 5, 2000

Two scoops of Clay
31 flavors and then some

Remaining in Clinton after graduation, Clay began his career by selling insurance, dealing with Medicare supplements. This job allowed Clay to do much work with the elderly. Unfortunately, Clay became disconcerted when some of the old women who were his clients began to hit on him. In one incident, an 80-year old widow invited Clay over for cake and coffee.  However, the invitation did not end at an afternoon meal; the meeting turned out to be a clever ploy to ask Clay on a date to see “Carols by Candlelight” at First Baptist Church, Jackson. Luckily, after consulting his daily planner, Clay discovered that he had a “family reunion” scheduled for that day.

After nine months of insurance sales, Clay changed jobs, beginning work at Lamar Outdoor Advertising in downtown Jackson. Then, in July 1999, Clay was hired by his alma mater to fill the position of Director of Alumni Affairs. 

Since being hired, Clay has given new personality to the Alumni Affairs department. His experience in sales has prepared him for dealing with older graduates of MC while his age allows him to relate to younger alumni and current students. His work in advertising has also paid off:  “In a way, I’m still selling and advertising-I’m just selling MC,” explains Clay.

In December 1999, Clay instituted the Student-Alumni Association (S.A.A.), which allows current students to get involved in alumni affairs and relations before they even graduate. Clay asserts that if you get students involved now, it is much easier to keep them interested in the school after they graduate.

Currently, Clay is looking forward to launching the Class Agent program in January 2001. This program is designed to increase participation among alumni of the 35-50 year old range across the state of Mississippi by establishing eight districts led by three to six individuals (“class agents”) who endorse higher alumni attendance in chapter meetings.

Also, in the future, Clay is hoping to develop an eye-catching e-mail newsletter for alumni. 
Clay maintains that much of his success is due to the wealth of talent that already exists here on campus in the student body. Many of Clay’s projects could not be executed without the help of students.

Clay is also a former member of the Clinton Nature Day Committee. While on the committee, Clay specialized in fundraising and is known for his work on Nature Day “A Celebration of Trails and Snails.”  [Yes, it’s true. Trust me. I saw the brochure.]

A member of Colonial Heights Baptist Church in Jackson, Clay comments, “a church alive is worth the drive.”

Having an old-fashioned personality, Clay claims that he enjoys “taking time to smell the flowers” and prefers an eight-ounce glass bottle of Coke to a can. In his free time, Clay enjoys backpacking, camping, and grilling out. He is also still pursuing “Mrs. Right” explaining, “Well, I don’t think I’ve found her yet, but I’m still looking.” -- E.Z. Mac

The above article was intended for parody purposes only.
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