Volume 1, Issue 6 -- December 1, 2000

Scholarship donors welcome
School sign used for fundraising

As financial aid dwindles for students all over campus, many have been dismayed to find their scholarships reduced even further for the current academic term. No need to fear, however, as campus administration officials have been doing everything in their power to continue raising the funds necessary to compensate for earlier budget mishaps.

Recently, our college’s sign (which, due to road construction is now even closer to New Prospect street) has become the latest vehicle in the Choctaw cry for “moolah.” Just this past week, a message was posted on the sign that read: WELCOME SCHOLARSHIP DONORS. However, that staff of the Whittington Weekly has discovered the original intent was to place the word “WELCOME” last, after “SCHOLARSHIP DONORS.” We have provided an
exclusive picture of what the sign may have looked like had the message not been curbed at the
last minute. Apparently, many administration members thought that using the sign blatantly to
petition the public for donations would have been too “obvious.” Thankfully, there are many
observers around who have been able to decipher the original meaning by reading between the
lies, er lines. -- Grandmaster Sexay

The above article was intended for parody purposes only.
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